I started working with dogs in 1996.

In 2003. in Slovenia I gained his first title of the instructor for SAR dogs. Since then, and up until 2012. she was Chief instructor in Croatian Mountain Rescue Service for SAR dogs, and trained and participated in training of more then 30 SAR dogs and handlers, and every one of them was or is working in some kind of service.

Everything is done on clicker training and positive stimulation.

I had 3 SAR dogs (Willy, Yoda and Padme), and now I am working with  3 another; Sattve (7 years old malinois) and two new (Mali, Panda and Arwen) Cadaver, forensic and HRD dogs.

During all this time, I had participated in more than 100 different search missions for missing persons in the last ten years.  In Croatia and Balkan area I had a lots of mission for searching the graves from war in Croatia (’90.) and mass graves from 2nd World war as well as giving help to police when they need a dog for human recovery. Police (department for war crimes and missing persons) ask for me and my team to help when they had a problem in pinpointing the exact location or to confirm suspicious place. They call my team when they need dogs to find grave or human remains (cold cases)

together with my team, I  worked in case of mass murderer in Macedonia (police could not find one body), and some other cases with Police in EU.


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